Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bittersweet Baptism day

Almost 8am and looking good!

 So excited!

 Our little circle of love
Thanks ot those that came
 Happy family
 The after party

 Agift fom Grandma Simms
 A card from Aunt Julie

What a great weekend we had. Saturday morning Matthew was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Matthew has been looking forward to his baptism day for weeks. We have been talking about it, and preparing him for this special day. John and Matthew went early to the church to get ready. When I got there with the rest of the boys I found John and Matthew near the bathroom to give them their towels. Matthew was just beaming! He told John how happy and excited he was to be baptized. He looked so cute in his little white jumpsuit. Matthew had told me that when he went with his dad to get his clothes, he got the smallest one, and it fit perfect. We all went into the chapel and John and Matthew sat on the front row while the rest of us sat a few rows back. At one point the kids being baptized got to stand up and turn around to see all the family and friends that were there that love them. Matthew just smiled. When it was time for our ward to go back I got to sit next to Matthew while another boys went first. When it was Mathew’s turn he practically jumped out of his set. The kids gathered in front of the font and Michael couldn’t help but say hi to his dad. John got a little choked up as he began the pray, but after that everything went smoothly. While John and Matthew got changed we went to the cultural hall and waited for them to return. When Matthew came in he looked so happy and handsome! Riley said, “He’s still wet!”Matthew was the last to be confirmed and again John said the prayer. The circle was very small compared to other blessings in the past. We were so grateful to have Grandpa McKenzie, Jerry and Bro Daines, our wonderful home teacher, able to join John and Bro Syal for the blessing. We took a few pictures outside and then back to the house for muffins, fruit and juice. We were so thankful that Aunt Peggy, Aunt Karen, Grandpa and Grandma McKenzie came to support us on John’s parents’ side. Jerry, Brennan, Gabe and Riley came and stayed afterward so the kids could play together, which was great. Grandma Simms and Julie came from my side. I was sad that my Dad wasn’t able to come, but grateful that Julie was in Utah and came down from Logan for the day. Overall it was a wonderful day. Matthew wanted to stay in his suit all day, but we finally talked him into taking it off. He just felt so special in it and didn’t want the feeling to end. Today Connor, John and Nathan bore their testimonies about the baptism. It is pretty amazing how Matthew’s special day touched everyone so much. I love my family and am so grateful for the important steps that they are taking.

Unfortunately, there was quite a bit of sadness that came with the day as well. It was very hard for me to not have my father there, or any priesthood holder from my side for that matter. My mom really tried to get him up and there, but he just didn’t understand what he was supposed to be doing. I think this was the first time that I realized that my dad was really missing something special and important in mine and my child’s life. I know he wouldn’t understand what he was doing, and he would be confuse, but reality is not always easy to face, and the reality is, is that my dad hasn’t been here for a long time. I didn’t hear from my brothers, and only got an email from my sister in Texas, and a call from one of Julie’s girls. On John’s side, neither of his siblings nor his parents came. We knew that Nana and Papa would not be there, but it was disappointing to John not have his brother or sister there for him. We got emails from family that said they would come and didn’t, but that is always to be expected. If Grandpa and Jerry weren’t there, we would have had no family to act as witness or to be in the pray circle. We are so grateful for those that were willing to share the day with us to show Matthew, John and I their love a support. It was truly a wonderful day for all of us.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

  We have been having a lot of fun this summer as a family. That is, when we are together. We have enjoyed the Thanksgiving Point Family Nights each Monday and have gone to the Fairy Tale night, Jello night and Pirate night, just to name a few. This last month we have renovated our kitchen by painting, getting new counters, backsplash, sink and faucet, bead board on the island, and I have almost finished making curtains for 6 windows. We have both worked very hard and will be thrilled when it is done! The end of June and first of July fires in Utah were crazy and I don’t think I have ever seen so many fires within view of our home, It was so sad. We went to an amazing firework show at Olympic Park put on by the Rex’s realtor team. The show lasted almost 20 minutes and we were right below them!  We celebrated the 4th of July in our own neighborhood at 2 different parties. John, Connor and Nathan took part in a pie eating contest and I won a raffle for a quilt. We then had dinner with friends and neighbors from our ward and finally home to watch the fireworks from the end of the street. July also started our Flexible spending account again, which means it also started our many trips to the dentist, eye doctor and orthodontist. We were able to be taught a golf lesson by some pros from Zimbabwe for Family Night, and then go back and visit with them for a while at the Duggar’s.  We also locked out keys in the van in the parking lot and luckily got them out before we needed to go. Connor, Nathan, Michael and I were all able to meet Pres. Uchtdorf while waiting in the parking lot. July 5th my friends’ son Carson passed away in a very tragic accident and John and I attended the funeral. I think about their family every day and it has made me a try to be more present in my kids’ lives. You never know how long you get to have these wonderful spirits here on earth. I have been over to see them a few times and every time I do I am so grateful for the knowledge that we have of the gospel and the blessing that they will be able to see Carson again someday.

Connor – Connor has had a very busy summer! He has attended High adventure camp, Scout camp, and Youth Conference. He has been babysitting, Boating without sunscreen (and got fired!),  sold his guitar to have enough money to buy a laptop, and even got to see Mr. Smith, his 5th grade teacher, at a Patriotic festival in Orem. Connor’s next adventure starts August 6, when he gets his braces on.
Nathan – Grandma had a great idea to go see the 24thof July Parade floats on display at the south Town Expo Center. It was fun to see them up close and even funner when we saw our favorites in the Bountiful Parade. We then watched the Salt Lake Parade on TV and saw them again. Nate is my Watermelon kid and loves to compliment me on a job well done when I pick a good one. In fact, he says that I pick the best Watermelon! One day I after coming home from Costco I found that Nathan had added a little something special to the watermelon. Love that kid.
Matthew – We invited Grandma and Grandpa to go with us to the Bingham Copper mine. That day it was super windy and Grandpa just about blew over! Matthew and Michael were pretty little the last time we went so they thought it was cool to see. We have helping Matthew prepare for his baptism coming up at the end of the month and look forward to that special day.
Michael – Michael loves to draw (even on Aunt Tammie’s car)and has become quite the little artist! We have dinosaur pictures all over the driveway and inside the garage floor that he did with chalk. Michael also loves fireworks and will run outside when he hears them going off, which can be quite often in July. Michael has been able to go to several of his friends’ Birthday parties this summer and his visit to the dentist was cavity free!
Jacob – At almost 20 months Jacob is still not talking, but signing more. He is really good a screaming too! Jake doesn’t love the pool or the wet cement and will freeze when he finds himself standing in a puddle with bare feet. Jake does love to swing at the park, eat, and climb on chairs, stools, tables toilets, and anything else that he shouldn’t.
Jake Wearing Michaels Batman constume 
 Copper mine

American Patriotic festival thing
 Mr. Smith and Connor
 Fire in Alpine

 Working on the backsplash

 Family Night at Thanksgiving Point

 4th of July pie eating contest

After Connor smashed the pies in their faces!

 4th of July Fireworks
At the Dentist

The Cheney's house after the funeral. Carson Loved to ride his bike, so all the neighbor kids brought over their bikes in the morning to pay tribute to Carson. Later that day they let the balloons go with messages to Carson.
 Seeing the parade floats


 Getting ready for braces
 Michael's T-Rex

 Jake likes to pick out his own food!
 and likes to watch PBS Kids
 Forgot the sunblock

 Bountiful Parade
The Lagoon float was my favorite

 Michael's favorite
 2,000 (or more) Strippling Warriors
 Watermelon Man (without his hat)
 The new dinning room
 Michael's temple he made at church